2014 Football World Cup Odds: Bearish on Germany; Bullish on Uruguay

It will be hard even for some people who hate soccer to avoid the coming tournament in June, as ESPN will give full-court-press. And, every sports fan is bound to follow the 2014 FIFA World Cup that from June to mid-July, and it is going to be an inseparable part of their daily life for those two months. Additionally, if someone is planning to bet on his/her favorite teams, then excitement levels will shoot even higher. So, let’s take a look at the 2014 world cup odds and some of the brilliant teams that are worth placing your bets on.

Brazil: If one wants to play safe and be boring, Brazil is certainly the obvious choice. Tournament hosts are listed by Bovalda at the winning odds 3-1 and it is not terrible because one can also make some money betting Brazil, and playing it safe. Neymar and Brazil are loved by everybody and hopefully that’s not going to influence the officials of match (alright I’m just kidding!).

Last June the pre-Confederations Cup, there were many questions arising about Brazil, however after the team led by Phil Scolari went on to clinch the victory, Selecao once again have become hot favorites. If anybody except the Brazilian Captain Thiago Silva, manage to lift the trophy in Rio for World Cup 2014 in July, it will be nothing short of a miracle.

Odds of the Four Hot teams for 2014: Germany (5/1) and Spain (7/1), Brazil, Argentina (9/2) are the favorites of odds-maker in this FIFA WC. A few teams that have a semi-realistic chance to win this tournament, and their World Cup odds are as follows: France (20/1), Belgium (14/1), Colombia (22/1), Italy (22/1), the Netherlands (22/1), Uruguay (25/1), England (28/1), Chile (40/1) and Portugal (28/1).

The Favorites Offering the Best Value

The Bovada is listing the Spain at 7-1 only and worrying people about the odds to be too good to be true. Xavi is almost at the end of his international career, and if there’s one nation that could be both World Cup Champion and European Champion in the 6-year spell, it’s got to be Spain.

At 7:1 odds, Spain offers a strong potential for making money to the betting enthusiasts. Certainly, there are some gaps in the Spanish side, but the team can still get around a tiki-taka passing for a knockout situation considering La Roja, the favorite.

Again it is going to be fascinating to watch if the naturalizing Atletico Madrid’s striker of Brazil, Diego Costa will enhance or detract from Spain who played famously many of Euro 2012 without a striker. For the coach, Vincente Del Bosque, Costa could be the one of many changes to contemplate as all the coaches zero-in their options for the forthcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup.